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Interquest Detection Canines®
Company History
Interquest is the nation's leading source for contraband detection canine services. Principals at Interquest began using detection dogs in Texas schools a quarter century years ago.
Our Background
Our President, Debbie Farmer, joined Security Associates International, a multi-national company, in 1979, as part of the canine division serving a small number of local school districts in Texas.

The Horton case of the early 1980's set the modern day parameters for the use of dogs in schools. Since our program was a key element in that case, we rapidly learned to develop policies and procedures that would ensure that these programs were both effective and within accepted legal guidelines. Although a number of other cases occurred in the ensuing years, the courts have upheld policies and procedures Ms. Farmer originally helped established.

In 1988, Debbie Farmer teamed with Mike Ferdinand to acquire the canine detection division of Security Associates International. With the addition of Security Associates to the Interquest team, the company served 34 schools districts in Texas, as well as several commercial and industrial clients.

In order to meet the growing needs of schools for a contraband detection canine service, Interquest restructured its existing programs, which were quickly accepted in the schools, and established several regional locations in Texas. By 1997, there were 100 school districts under contract.
Our Growth
The next stage of expansion in 1992 began as a joint venture which grew into a company-owned division providing services to schools and industry in California.

In 1995, the Interquest program next expanded to Michigan. The Grand Rapids office currently has over 140 schools under contract as well as a number of industrial clients.

In 1997, we expanded our services to include Colorado and then Montana.

In June 1999, the Interquest Franchise Business Program was launched. Today, Interquest is represented in 27 states serving 1,200 school districts and a variety of Industrial clients nationwide.